About Us

Sehha has been established as a specialised Black Seed Oil boutique, to bring to the world Black Seed oil in its premium form. We branched out Sehha from Al-Shareef Oudh to focus primarily on delivering a first class Black Seed Oil: artisanally cold pressed, fresh, natural and chemical free. Each bottle of Sehha’s Black Seed Oil is handcrafted with love, care and attention.

For a collective 100 years, our family has utilised Black Seed Oil for all types of illnesses and ailments. We have witnessed and experienced Black Seed Oil do wonders for a multitude of conditions. In addition to our personal experience with Black Seed Oil, multiple ancient cultures, faiths and contemporary studies have documented the numerous benefits of Black Seed Oil.

Coming from a background of producing some of the world’s most exotic and exquisite oils in artisanal perfumery we are now using our extensive knowledge and experience to craft the highest quality Black Seed Oil. Our skill sets have evolved in an industry where attention to detail is a must, where the allowances for variations in quality is virtually non-existent and maintaining high standards is essential.

The seeds we source are amongst the best the market has to offer. Our pressing and packaging is done entirely in-house, without any third-party involvement and without the use of chemicals or additives. Being an in-house producer allows us to maintain the highest quality standards each step of the way. We produce in sustainable batches to ensure we deliver premium, uncompromised quality Black Seed Oil, each and every time.

In early 2021 we secured fulfilment facilities in the UK, as such all UK orders are now directly despatched from the UK. This has allowed us to pass on the shipping savings to our UK based customers with flat rate domestic shipping and much shorter wait times.

Our promise to you is: Black Seed Oil, of the highest quality, handcrafted with love and care.