Black Seed Oil has been used for thousands of years across cultures and traditions, for its beneficial medicinal properties.

Sehha is a trusted brand that provides you with handcrafted, cold pressed Black Seed Oil. Sehha prides itself as being amongst the most bespoke and personalised suppliers of cold pressed Black Seed Oil. All our production and packaging is done locally in Perth, Western Australia. Our entire production process, from cold pressing to dispatching, is done with human involvement.

Using premium black seed, we bring you chemical free, undiluted, cold pressed, handcrafted Black Seed Oil. Multiple studies have suggested that the benefits of Black Seed Oil include but are not limited to: skin softening, moisturizing and hydration; acne reduction; softening,hydrating and nourishing hair; high blood pressure and high cholesterol reduction and improving asthma and arthritis.

Operating entirely online, you can buy our Black Seed Oil with the click of a button, saving you the hassle of making a trip to a store. Not carrying the overheads and expenses  of a traditional store, we pass on significant savings to our customers.

No shortcuts, no additives, no stretching and no contracting to third party presses. Our seeds are double Sortex with a minimum 99.8% purity.

Pressed by us, bottled by us, labelled by us. For you.

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